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Without health insurance?

Small business owners, employees or low earners - it can affect everyone. Thus, those affected are there without protection in the event of illness or injury. Alternatively, you pay the most expensive treatments out of your own pocket.

Strafbeiträge zahlenWith every month without insurance, those affected collect ever higher criminal contributions. These costs are due when entering health insurance.

European health insurance -

the cheap alternative!

Health insurance has been one of the social compulsory insurance in Germany since 1883. Despite everything, there are around 160,000 people without health insurance.


According to § 12 VAG, private insurance companies are obliged to accept all persons who do not have the opportunity to become a member of the statutory health insurance in the so -called basic tariff. The basic tariff is based on the contributions and benefits on the statutory health insurance, based on the contribution ceiling, which means a contribution including long -term care insurance of over 700 euros. However, such health insurance can carry enormous costs for smaller families and, at higher health risks, private health insurance also rejects its request.

The only exception: European health insurance.

The last chance of receiving honest and fair health insurance lies in the EUKV.

European health insurance found its way to Germany in 2011. The EuKV waives criminal contributions and Schufa inquiries for recording.

Health insurance without a Schufa request!

Health insurance that is not interested in their problems from the past? It is not that easy. Although the problem of past financial problems is not interested, European health insurance also checks the current economic situation. After all, contributions must also be paid here.

The previous illness

Average, private health insurance rejected 18%of inquiries in previous illnesses or only take up those affected with high risk supplements. Statutory health insurance may not reject inquiries due to previous illnesses.

It is similar with EU health insurance. Previous illnesses must also be mentioned here, but are not a reason for rejection. Diseases from the past are excluded from the services for two years. Thereafter, diseases from the past are also insured as new cases if the disease was completely treatment-free for two years.

Finally a health insurance and that at a fair price.

Do you have any questions about health insurance? Call or write us a message (if desired, also anonymous).

A tariff example:

19 years = from 95 euros
44 years / female / hay fever = from 201 euro
59 years / male = from 339 euros

(tariff example monthly contribution - plus requirement insurance)

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