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Emergency Tariff

Are you insured in the emergency tariff and still want to receive good performance? We are welcome to calculate the right services for you. You will receive a non -binding offer that you can complete directly.

Can't pay your contributions?

If you are temporarily unable to pay, you can ask your insurer to defend the contributions. However, it is up to the insurance company whether it agrees to postponement.

Permanent insolvency may be remedied by reducing benefits or by changing insurance. For those in need of help who are subject to social law, the basic tariff can also be a solution. The insurer can sue and enforce the payments of the contributions. They can then be classified in the emergency tariff.

Therefore, those in need of help are not insured in the emergency tariff within the meaning of social law, but receive a grant from the state to their insurance contribution and can switch to the basic tariff.

Your insurance only reimburses the treatment costs for acute diseases, pregnant and motherhood. For children and adolescents, the costs will only be reimbursed to a limited extent. The emergency tariff is the same for all insurers. You can find more information about the emergency tariff at the PKV association. The emergency tariff has a very low contribution. The aim is that a temporary insured insured can pay the contribution debt as soon as possible. The services are limited to the bare essentials. No aging provisions are formed that reduce the later payments in old age. Since pension provision is no longer necessary in the emergency tariff, the residues should be quickly compensated for. You should return to a normal tariff as soon as possible.

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